Sunday, December 13, 2009


(I should be studying for my last two finals, but alas, I choose to blog.)

These pictures, what do they mean to you? Anything?
I took these two pictures on a trip to Scotland during college and while I was there, standing at this
soul-silencing landmark, I had no understanding of its significance.

Now, I do.

I've been "in ministry" my entire life.There are a total of 11 people in my immediate family(s), and between us, nearly 20 higher education degrees in Christianity/religion/practical theology, not to mention 2 famous Christian singers. Think it's safe to say that I was pretty familiar with seminary before beginning my own journey, and thus not honestly expecting to change much. Pretty much a pro at this by now, right?

And never more thankful to be.

Over the last 16 weeks I have come to know, learn and understand more about the Trinity, what I believe about character of God, the beautiful mess of a Church, and the fallen/fabulous people she consists of.

16 weeks later, I understand the importance of those pictures, the events that surrounded the destruction of that cathedral and its deep impact on Christian history.

After nearly a lifetime of following Christ I can confidently (or maybe just more coherently) explain and identify my theological beliefs.

I use to hate theology. Thought it was annoying and divisive.


This semester I have fallen absolutely and irrevocably in love with teaching aerobics classes. Turbokick, yoga, spin. My loves.

Teaching brought something to life in me and now I can't imagine my life without helping people discover and maintain healthy, active living.

In the past 16 weeks not only have I learned more about and been invited into a deeper relationship with the Trinity, I have experienced an awakening of my soul, body and spirit to who I truly am in Christ. I have begun to understand that the gifts and passions God builds into us are not to put on the back burner while we try to find a "real" profession that will financially sustain and be socially acceptable, but rather, are freeways to a life of true joy experienced in Christ, as unique members of his kingdom. And although following these passions can be scary, because let's be honest, when you love something you don't want to lose it, the life they bring outweighs the fear.

So, I'm currently in the process of creating (with my Dean's blessing) a completely new concentration on health and family wellness ministries (which I'll write much more about soon).
Man, who knew so much could change in 16 weeks?

So, this is what it's like to be home? I like it here :)


Lisa said...

Sarah--my husband is a pastor---he is praying about teaching on the Biblical view on a healthy lifestyle in the spring. It would be nice if you could provide some insight. We are at Hopewell (Ray was youth minister here way back in his OBU days). My e-mail is me know if you might be interested.


Whitney said...

This is all so exciting!!!

steve said...

What's that old saying...Home is where the heart is...

debiachi said...

There's NO PLACE like Home! How thankful I am that the Lord surrounds us with people on THEIR journey to "Home"... so we can walk Home together!And guess what, as we walk hand-in-hand we discover that our hands fit perfectly!

Always and Forever!