Thursday, October 9, 2008

1 month, 62 boxes & some exhaustion later

We are moved and almost settled in Mertens! Between to two of us, our full time jobs and class loads, I’m pretty impressed with the amount of work we have been able to get done, as far as setting up the house.

Our first Sunday at Mertens was perfect! It’s so up-lifting and encouraging to have an entire community genuinely excited by your presence. We have no doubt that FBC Mertens is going to be an incredible part of our life and ministry together.

I am positive that Ray and I (mostly me) would not have made it through all these HUGE life changes without the love and encouragement of our friends and family. We continue to be blown away by people’s love. Like friends helping us move, showing up for our first Sunday and allowing us to be so deeply involved in their lives. Last Sunday night we had the opportunity to go and be apart of our friends Ryan and Kristen Arnold’s ordination. It was one of those experiences where God’s presence could not possibly be missed. Watching Kristen kneel and pray over her husband was an inexpressibly beautiful picture of God’s love shared and freely given between two people. They are truly wonderful people, and we get to call them friends! There’s no way around it, we are so lucky.

To add onto all the changes we’ve experienced in the past several months, we got an email yesterday letting us know that my sister Melissa and her husband have received their first military placement as a married couple . . . in Hawaii. We are so excited for them (Hawaii was their top choice), but this of course means packing up another piece of our family and helping them move. This new “adult” skin still feels weird, but I love watching God be creative and can’t wait to see what else God will do.

Oh, and I’m nearly three weeks in and LOVE being a vegetarian! Check out!

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Great post! Makes me want a hamburger:) Love ya, me